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make : drawing : rachel toon

an audiovisual project as part of ‘fabricated’, the open spaces exhibition at mivart open studios 2009.
video : sally reay
audio : keef chemistry

method :
six artists were asked to make a piece of artwork while being recorded both with video and minidisc. the video footage was edited and compressed into around five minutes of action, while audio samples were extracted from the source files. the first few samples were laid out and toyed with until something began to form, at which point computer generated ‘responses’ were created to accompany the samples and the track would take shape. at some point, sally would hand keef the edited video and he would synchronise the sound to the images and work towards the endpoint. sometimes the samples take over, other times the computer sounds dominate, occasionally it’s difficult to tell which is which

drawing :
perhaps my favourite audio piece, once the pattern takes shape it surges forward relentlessly