let it be known that keef chemistry is up for producing videos for bands, artists, anyone with a creative need. i’m particularly interested in interpreting music into visuals. below are videos i’ve produced for keef chemistry …

video to accompany ‘fall

full-length video for ‘is my life my life? is my life!‘, all the way through and back again

in the bathroom with a shaving mirror performing ‘is my life my life? is my life!

slipping back again with this reversed video entitled ‘efilymsi

summertime video for a 2014 remix of the song ‘daisies‘ shot at home

my third self-produced video, for a remix of the track ‘taking flight‘, shot entirely in the back room where i do most of my recordings

self-produced music video to accompany a 2014 remix of the song ‘midnight train‘ by keef chemistry

music video for my song ‘(i was born) the day before my birthday‘. self-produced on a non-existent budget and my first proper kinda video to accompany one of my songs

‘sci-fi space 2’, named after the sample title it was created for, with video taken from dune de pilat, france, in june 2013, zapped to look like an alien landscape, which it was

3 minute animation of a bimbling journey of a fly, using simple dip to colour and stop frame effects, to a wibbley and upbeat original soundtrack, produced for bristol street artist, the fly

short clip from a weekend of wild camping in dorset involving moustaches, with original soundtrack featuring a cracked circus band and farm animal sounds

played on a classical guitar with three strings, this piece is an exercise up the frets, plus there’s some reverse plucking here and there…

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