cube orchestra videos

let it be known that keef chemistry is up for producing videos for bands, artists, anyone with a creative need. i’m particularly interested in interpreting music into visuals. below are videos i’ve produced for orchestra cube …

don’t be put off by the confusion caused by us using orchestra cube as our collective name. i’ve been reliably informed that it is used to “keep up a required level of pretentiousness”

here follow some videos featuring music recorded at our weekly improvisation sessions at the cube microplex, bristol. some of it even features footage of the orchestra. in their absence i tend to star in my self-made movies

Carve Your Own Path

Cube Orchestra Setting Up 2018 10 17

platypussy (trailer)


meanwhile… (trailer)


everything we do is noted

cautionary tale about human intervention set to some nice music

where the wild things are (trailer 1)

trailer number one for where the wild things are

where the wild things are (trailer 2)

trailer number two for where the wild things are

where the wild things are

a cautionary tale about excessive behaviour

going to the moon (trailer 01)

number one in a series of trailers promoting the forthcoming video permiere

going to the moon (trailer 02)

number two in the series

going to the moon (trailer 03)

number three in the series

we’re going to the moon, then coming back again

epic day trip for the cube orchestra

lost a day today

a day in the life recorded on my imac


motion graphics animation set in stokes croft

bad throat

first attempt at chroma key work using just a few photos and some footage of my mouth

where did the summer go?

live session video clip with a hazy groove

fairground ride

if your ears are telling you this is crazy, then your eyes will confirm it

it came from the dark star

motion graphics based on space invaders


20-minute score to accompany a video of a visit to dismaland

cube orchestra soundcheck session

slightly psychedelic journal of a soundcheck. not very musical!

more videos at keef chemistry’s vimeo page …

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