keef chemistry at Momentum Studios, Plymouth


the food of love… play on…

i love all aspects of art, but music holds that special spot and my music pages hold much of my outpourings:

angels and devils album by keef chemistryAngels and Devils

a collection of material written during 2013. i meant to compose more, but time slipped away…

demonstrations album by keef chemistryDemonstrations

a collection of demos of a kinda psychedelic rock ilk. band-type songs, not that i have a band

waind rain and water album by keef chemistryWind, Rain and Water

a collection of songs in an acoustic vein. probably most like the way i write, though that seems to be changing…

improvisations by keef chemistryImprovisations

instrumental music created largely through improvisation on an ipad, layered and tweaked. largely inspired by my sessions with the wonderful cube orchestra (see my links)

if you like what you hear, then why not buy my music – but only if you want to

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