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warning: contains flashing images!

we took a trip to dismaland this summer and managed to grab some of it on video. then in december the cube orchestra was asked to provide their own 20-minute film to score live at the bluescreen event at the cube microplex, bristol, on 2nd december, 2015. this trip to weston-super-mare became the theme for the original soundtrack you hear, interspersed with a short clip of the orchestra performing on the stage live as the film plays near the end, provided by alexandra correl. the soundtrack stops short due to an unexpected technical fault on the night, whereby the video stopped playing about two minutes before the end. i improvised when editing it. this version is as originally intended, with all the effects rendered, whereas on the night we performed to a rough cut, with all the clips in place without effects.

it’s worth noting that the orchestra had no idea what the film was going to be about, even i hadn’t watched it all the way through!

the players:

steve haynes: bass
david insua-cao: percussion, piano
ollie owen: guitar
jean-michel maheu: guitar
ramon sanchez: trumpet
keef chemistry: melodica, vocals, effects
marcus valentine: keyboards