clear light

home studio shot - the tablehome studio shot - guitarsfinal track in this august session of three – not bad in four days. this one, called ‘clear light’, was inspired by a road trip sally and i did in our campervan in june 2013. we explored around northern spain, then traveled up the west coast of france to st malo. it was great to be on the road, no internet, no emails, just an open road and a bit of a plan. getting away is good for the soul and refreshes the mind.

the three tracks i’ve produced this weekend can only be seen as demos, my skills are lacking on the production front, but each time i record something i learn and take to the next session. the main point i’ve taken from this particular sesh is that you can tweak the sound no end, but you can’t do better than a good take. i’d like to go back and do the vocals again, though that’s the case every time i record. maybe i should just try to track down a decent singer!

anyway, it’s all over now until the cat goes away again, so i’ll leave you with the third track [which was the first]:

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