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never (2014 remix)

i’ve just completed my first proper mixdown, using techniques learned on the producer uncovered course at colston hall. i’m still using old material and trying to tweak it into better shape, but i think the results are improving

mixdown arrange window in logic prowith this song i stripped back the guitar tracks to one heavily filtered using the spectral gate insert. i added a throbbing sinewave and a few spaced out beats to give it a pulse, but i managed to apply a method of treating each track to optimise the sound and then mix the stems using a few simple mastering techniques. the intention was to get more definition in the mix at all levels and boost the signal

my next goal is to record new material using a more careful process and concentrating more on each stage before moving forward. i hope to use fewer sounds to better effect

here’s the track, which you can download for free by subscribing to my infrequent mailing list