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we’re going to the moon, then coming back again

Music video for a 13-minute piece of improvised music by the Cube Orchestra, premiered at the Bluescreen 15th Birthday event at the Cube Microplex, Bristol, on Tuesday, 26th April 2016.

It incorporates video footage from NASA, inter-cut with green screen action by members of the orchestra who played on the track. It was shot in the Zone, next to the stage we play on at the Cube Microplex. The spacesuit was lent by David Hopkinson and the green screen fabric came from Marcus Valentine. Ramon Sanchez helped me with the shoot, getting players in and out of the spacesuit and helping direct them. It’s all a bit lo-fi, but it suits us!

The Players:

Marcus Valentine: Keyboards
Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Effects
Jean-Michel Maheu: Guitar
Rhodri Karim: Bass, Synth
Alexandra Corral: Castanets
Matt Mockford: Flute
Alun Person: Percussion
Spudd Connor: Saw
Natasha Rosling: Flute

Thanks to NASA and their excellent archive of footage.