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daisies 2014 remix video

summer has arrived. we’ve had no rain for over a week, so it must be summer. plants are blooming in the garden and the birds are decimating the birdseed to feed their young. comparison of still from daisies 2014 music video by keef chemistryso it’s lovely to lie on the grass, listen to the insects buzzing about, the breeze ruffling the trees, the birdsong and imbibe nature’s perfume floating in the air. lazy, sunny afternoons are a tonic for the mind and soul, allowing us to take the time to reconnect with the world around us. that’s what ‘daisies’ is all about.

part nostalgia, remembering those eternal days of childhood, part reminder that there’s more to life than shopping and paying bills.

the tune has been remixed, taking the guitar pick and passing it through a filter, triggering a modulating echo that drifts along like a summer breeze.

the video was shot in my garden, featuring the patch of daisies that i always mow around and my wonderful martin om-21, which i’m able to detune right down to a low g, a full nine notes below the standard e, and it still holds the note, lovely and woody. full moon still taken from daisies 2014 music video by keef chemistryi took the moon shots from my bedroom window and found that it’s not as easy as simply pointing and shooting. the moon bleaches out completely and is really difficult to focus on and get any detail using my camcorder. my first shots were disappointing, so a lunar cycle later i went back to try again and the results were a slight improvement. it would have been easier if the moon had stayed in the same spot in the sky, but it moves pretty quickly while adjusting the settings!

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