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carve your own path

music video for the cube orchestra track called ‘carve your own path’, a piece of improvised music recorded at the cube microplex, bristol on 30 january 2019

the cube ship takes off on a space adventure, but soon decides to veer off the beaten track, bumping into the characters defining the sound as it goes, until arriving at its final destination

this was the final piece of music we produced at one of our sessions and i made a mental note to use it somewhere if i could, because it sounds like the soundtrack to something. i like the way the instruments interact and the space the musicians provide for each other. once i’d decided to set it in outer space, the title gave me all i needed to move forward with a story. i just needed to build a spaceship

the animation was produced entirely in motion 5, a first for me, and while i learnt much on the way, it was nevertheless an arduous task with many technical glitches to overcome. After the spaceship I made the stars and assembled the rest of the cast, while developing the storyline to suit the instruments, all the while with an eye on a big ending

once complete i was keen to premiere it on the cube microplex screen at the next bluescreen event, but it wasn’t to be and then the cube closed for the summer. i had to wait until the end of september before ‘releasing’ it and seeing if anyone else liked it

the players:

keef chemistry: synth, effects
jean-michel maheu: guitar
martin urmson: bass
spudd connor: percussion
becky white: trombone