(i was born) the day before my birthday

i’ve produced a music video for my song ‘(i was born) the day before my birthday’. self-produced on a non-existent budget, it’s my first proper kinda video to accompany one of my songs

the guitar parts were filmed in the back bedroom against a nice red headboard, once on the fretboard and then again on the soundhole

the head footage was shot in the front bedroom, with the curtains drawn, the camcorder sat on the arm of a sofa and myself close up, shining a torch across my face. switching it off and on made the camcorder lose focus then hone in again as the light returned. a happenchance effect that could be viewed as a mistake, but i like it, unintentional as it was

for the walking footage during the solo my budget wouldn’t stretch to a location shot back in guatemala, so i used what i had which was a clip of sally’s feet walking down a mountain track in cambodia from a recent trip abroad. ransack the holiday snaps. a touch of difference clouds helped give that sequence an ethereal feel

i supersaturated the guitar parts, but used little further post-production techniques. it came about very quickly, from an idea to fruition in an afternoon, which must be an advantage of working solo, with no one to call and organise and not a storyboard in sight. i used motion for the graphics, which was a fun part of the process

all in all it was a very satisfying project and one i must try again

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