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studio shot at Momentum Recording Studiosafter much dilly-dallying i’ve finally got around to putting up a proper keef chemistry facebook page, featuring two of my music collections, my 11-track wind rain and water album of largely acoustic songs, and demonstrations, a collection of more rocky tracks. both are pretty much demo in format, mainly due to my lack of production skills. that said, i do love demos! there’s something about the raw quality and freshness of demos that makes them more exciting than many properly produced songs. i could always do with polishing up my production skills, but am unlikely to revisit old tracks to clean them up as i go. life’s too short. however, i do intend to improve with each recording, though achieving that is never a certain thing.

much of my anguish is the take itself. i could live with slightly shoddy production if the basic recorded pieces hit the mark and it’s capturing the best take that causes me most headaches. dissatisfaction with the finished product is a fact of life with most artists from what i believe, but i always feel i could do better and that’s not dissatisfaction, it’s true!

anyway, it’s all up on facebook now, so all i can do is gauge the response and strive to improve. my stuff’s also on bandcamp, where it can be bought at a snip!

click here to visit my facebook page

click here to listen to my music at bandcamp

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