the status of the new song i’m writing is that it’s coming along nicely, apart from the words! i’ve got the music pretty much done and dusted, but my plan to leave the lyrics until needed has now backfired, as the time has arrived and nothing is forthcoming. this is doubly bad, as i have a window to get it done and the clock is ticking. no pressure then

keef chemistry's left-handed antoria les paul copy

while i wait for inspiration i’ve been recording a song about addiction, written in 1992 when i was giving up smoking and realising what addiction does to your mind. now seems like the right time to tackle the song and as a complete package it was much easier to work on the parts needed. it’s the first complete project that i’ve started since the logic pro course and i’ve been able to implement more of a system to the process

i’d got it sounding quite together and was auditioning it through a stereo, when i wondered what it would sound like backwards? i love psychedelic music, and running music backwards is a cornerstone of the genre. it’s intriguing, parts of it sounds weirdly similar and others quite different. it sounds like i’m singing an armenian translation of a welsh script, especially when i’m repeating the mantra “efi lym si, efi lym si”

inspired by what i heard, i’ve stripped out some of the tracks and used elements of the resultant backwards track in the recording. tomorrow i have a mate coming round to try out some live trumpet and depending on how that goes the track will be ready for the mixdown (a process which takes a lot longer than i’d like)

in the meantime, i’m posting ‘efiymsi’ here. it’s seven minutes long, which was a bit of a surprise, though i may edit it down before the final mix. play it enough and you start to sing along

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