writing on the fly

home studio shot 1

well, the cat’s away again and this time she’s left her laptop, which means i’ve been able to set up a studio and record in the same room. that might seem natural, but my imac makes too much noise to use the mic in the same room, so i have to run leads out into the corridor or similar (see a corridor-based home recording set-up here).

home studio shot - mic and guitar

so it’s out with the guitars, which have been woefully neglected over the summer while we had some major building work going on in the house, and keep the coffee coming, as i try to get down some of my new material. so far it’s been a track a day, two so far, and i’m hoping to make it a third today.

part of my approach has been to wait until recording and then write lyrics as i need them. this may be in part an avoidance technique, but i’m enjoying trying it out.

there’s still lots of tweaking to do, but here’s a taster, a track called “be my eyes” …

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