time to play at home

martin o-21 acoustic guitarmy partner had the opportunity at work to visit salem in oregon, usa, and took advantage of it by overstaying a few days and visiting san francisco while she was at it. to keep myself from pining away the days i threw myself into recording, by borrowing her macbook pro and setting up a home studio in our back room.

home studio setup hotseatwhile just a simple setup, it offered me everything i needed, apart from a lacky to make tea for me, so i went without tea. i could have taken the time to visit friends and might have even got a cooked meal out of it, but once you get going that’s it and i immersed myself for days. what a luxury!

home studio table top setupi was able to utilise the garageband instruments on the ipad to quickly sketch out drum patterns and synth lines. it’s much more user-friendly than fiddling with programming logic pro. it can easily be imported and cleaned up and anything that speeds up the recording process has gotta be good. more problematic was getting good takes of the acoustic guitar and vocal parts!

all in all it was a great exercise and i got more tracks down than i thought i would. i’ve uploaded them online, so feel free to listen to them and buy them if you like them…

official site: www.keefchemistry.com
soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/keefchemistry
bandcamp: www.keefchemistry.bandcamp.com
facebook: www.facebook.com/keefchemistry

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