i’ve always played to my limit and it’s often a struggle. i find my fingers in positions that produce a pleasing sound, yet i have no idea what that chord is. this was never a problem, as i could simply recall them at will. however, i’ve recently found that when i return to an old song my mind goes blank and i have little idea of how it goes! i have to persist, else consign the song to the forgotten box

with this in mind i found a brilliant online resource at which allows the user to plot the finger positions and find the most likely chord name. now i could find out what those chords are called!

i’ve decided to upload some of my songs as sheet music, lyrics and chords, with images of any tricky chords. feel free to try them out and use any chords you like the sound of

is my life my life? is my life!

my secret fear

clear light

i should be adding more from time to time, before i forget them completely!

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