sci-fi space 2

moving away from the guitar-based music i’ve been producing this year, i’ve been inspired by an improvisation orchestra i’ve joined, called the cube orchestra. every week we turn up, not knowing who’ll be there, we set up on the cinema stage and begin to play. we stop 1.5-2 hours later. getting out before the cinema opens is the only rule. there’s an ever-changing line-up and members swap instruments, providing an evolving soundtrack to the evening. i’d recommend joining one in your area.

so, armed with the ipad and a collection of samples, i load one up and begin playing it over and over, until something emerges, perhaps a rhythm or pattern. then i record the sample and go select an accompanying virtual instrument and begin layering, without thinking about it too much. once i have a few tracks i’m good to tweak a little and it’s done.

below is my first effort, sci-fi space 2, named after the sample, with video taken from dune de pilat, france, in june 2013, zapped to look like an alien landscape, which it was.

i have two other impro tracks complete, which i may put up on soundcloud.

my next step is to grab members from the orchestra to improvise over the top of a skeletal sample track and see what emerges…? i just need to select the next sample…

Further Info:

cube orchestra: cube orchestra wiki

view the video on vimeo: sci-fi space 2

keef chemistry on soundcloud:

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