identity crisis

i’ve been playing in the cube orchestra for years now, which has helped to keep me sane, but i’ve been yearning to do something more, like record some tunes

then late 2019 i was lent a load of machines, very exciting, even though it presented me with a massively steep learning curve, finding out what they did and how to do it

eventually you just have to bite the bullet, so i pressed record and set the machines running…

the result is a series of tracks that became their own entity with little or no premeditation, simply acting instinctively through impulse. on the earlier recordings you can hear the track’s theme develop through the lyrics; after a while they become more sophisticated as i take more time to work on the lyrics [as in minutes, not instant!]

the overall sound is not particularly like my keef chemistry stuff, but more like my electronic explorations of around 2000, so are being presented under the moniker of chemboy

below is a selection from these largely improvised sessions to which i’ll be adding to over time as I finish tweaking …

it’s good to get back to producing music

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