cubest 022

cubest 022 by the cube orchestraanother lull in my workload and another opportunity to hit my folder of cubest possibilities, this time trying to concentrate on an adventurous sound, where specific players take the limelight. sometimes a piece of ours hinges on one particular player, instrument, or perhaps just a hook line.

the instrumentation on these tracks is not our usual wall of sound, with up to twenty musicians on the stage at once. with fewer players the arrangements take on a different structure and focus, be it jean-michel’s guitar on track 1, or the drums and vocals on track 4, or indeed my knob tweaking on track 6 (and tracks 1, 2 and 4!)

in presenting the six tracks, i’ve tried to give it the feel of a complete session, from walking onstage and setting up at the begining to a sense of parting in its dying breath

there’s a brazen approach to the tracks on cubest 022 and i hope it’s a strategy that pays off …

cubest 022 is part concept album, the concept not being a theme but an approach to the sound …
– keef chemistry

check it out on the cube orchestra website, it’s free to stream and download …

cubest 022 by the cube orchestra
cubest compilation series
cube orchestra website

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