sex olympics

cube orchestra - sex olympicson 16th october 2014, steve, an impro singer with a synth, ghoufran, pianist, and myself on drums and melodica with my trusty echo pad ipad app, took to the cube stage as a kind of warm-up house band for a film event about ‘the year of the sex olympics’. it was all very last-minute, but i got there early so i could set up the drum kit left-handed by the side of the big screen where the piano lives. a polite and subdued gathering sat and chatted quietly throughout our set, reacting each time steve delivered a killer line. once he got going, the sci-fi futurist theme took flight to the very anti-climax


Steve Lake: Vocals, Synth
Ghoufran Warlow: Piano, Cubichord
Keef Chemistry: Melodica, Percussion, Vocals

i recorded our entire performance, from the second i pressed record to the second i pressed stop, and it’s a little gem of improvisation. a dystopian operetta.

you can download the album for free and enjoy the set in its entirety

download the album: cube orchestra – sex olympics (74mb zip file)
cubest 001 collection: cubest 001
cubest 002 collection: cubest 002
cubest 003 collection: cubest 003
even more cube orchestra music: session 23 july 2014
more info about the cube orchestra: cube orchestra wiki

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  1. Just had a quick taste of the Sex Olympics and loving it so far. I am currently listening to Future Flux. Superb. I am going to download this and listen to the whole thing later. Thank you

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